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John Prescott
June 1, 2006, 6:20 pm
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What unites all the Labour MPs who have queued up to criticise John Prescott? Is it merely a loathing of croquet? Let's have a look at the culprits:

Stephen Pound (MP for Ealing North…Majority 7000)
Stephen Pound
Andrew Dismore (MP for Hendon…Majority 2699)
Andrew Dismore MP
Dr Ian Gibson MP (Norwich North…Majority 5459)
Dr Ian Gibson MP

Now, the more eagle-eyed observers will notice that the MPs pictured above are all sitting on relatively slender majorities, well within the target range of the Conservative Party at the next election. A few well placed, well publicised words of condemnation and concern will, the argument presumably runs, protect them from any backlash from their constituents. This is an incredibly short-sighted view of things.

Labour MPs should learn the lessons of history when it comes to attacking the leadership for their own ends. Conservative MPs tried it in 1997 when they undermined John Major's attempts to coordinate the Tory Party's policy on the European Single Currency. Remember their names? No, I thought not. They went down with the sinking ship, never to be seen again.
The sort of internecine squabbling that we are starting to see only ever has one result: defeat. If twenty years of opposition hasn't taught the Labour Party this, maybe the latest opinion polls will focus their minds.

Michael P




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Gibson’s daughter works (or at least used to work) in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. Just saying.

Good luck with the site.

Comment by Fisking Central

Ta very much for that, and the link.

Comment by allthemorereason

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