All The More Reason

Jack Lang
June 26, 2006, 2:53 am
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Jack Lang is running for President of France next year. In a recent interview, he shared the platform with the writer Maurice Druon, who had fought against the Nazis in the Second World War. When discussing the current state of France, Druon was asked for his opinion. He stated that he thought France would come alive again, and he also had a suggestion for how to fix her current woes. He suggested that in lieu of having unemployment insurance, welfare, and pensions, the republique should have a simple policy where every citizen was entitled to a certain sum every month regardless of their current employment status or age. Thus, a three-month-old baby would receive the same amount as a fifty-year old, even if one or both were millionaires.

Now, Jack Lang's response to this was to compliment the writer on his various achievements in life, and to state the great amount of respect he had for him. He also put his arm around the man. And yet, he added, he thought that political issues of this kind were far too complicated to be resolved in such a manner.

Perhaps if Jack Lang truly did respect Maurice Druon then he would have stated why he thought this idea was so ridiculous as not to justify a rebuke or explanation.

Jonathan Smith 


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