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Almost Five Years On
September 4, 2006, 3:05 am
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Thanks to the fantastic Internet Wayback Machine, one can look back to five years ago and see what various people wrote in the immediate aftermath to 9/11. Going to I managed to find this editorial written by John Keegan. Here’s a quote:

It should not be forgotten that, in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, the immigrant Japanese population of the American West Coast, several hundred thousand in number, were deported from their homes and locked up in remote detention camps. The United States will not start locking up Muslims tomorrow – it has yet to be established that the perpetrators were Muslim – but, if an Islamic organisation is identified as responsible, life for Muslims inside the country will become socially difficult quite quickly and may be legally circumscribed soon after.

As far as I know, there have been no restrictions on individual freedoms in the U.S. based on religion since 9/11. Perhaps it might prove mightily interesting to see what other predictions were made five years ago (and also from just before the Iraq war) to help gain perspective for the years to come.

Jonathan Smith


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There is news of google making available articles from 300 years ago. Soon we will see what the Bush estate REALLY knew about 911.

Comment by Raphael

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