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Demography and destiny
February 5, 2007, 6:44 pm
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Demography and cultural masochism are combining to a hand a bloodless victory to the forces of Islamization, argues Christopher Hitchens in his review of Mark Steyn’s apocalyptically titled new book ‘America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It:

Mark Steyn believes that demography is destiny, and he makes an immensely convincing case. He stations himself at the intersection of two curves. The downward one is the population of developed Europe and Japan, which has slipped or is slipping below what demographers call “replacement,” rapidly producing a situation where the old will far outnumber the young. The upward curve, or curves, represent the much higher birthrate in the Islamic world and among Muslim immigrants to Western societies.

As Hitchens states, ‘any emphasis on the relative birthrates of Muslim and non-Muslim populations fall on the liberal ear like an echo of eugenics’. So it does. A central tenant of psuedo scientific racism has always been the ‘rabbit’ like tendencies of the denigrated ethnic group. The craven antecedence of this mode of analysis requires it to be treated with a healthy amount of scepticism. Can it really be argued with any certainty that the growth of Islamism is an inevitable corollary of a growth in the Muslim population?

I don’t think it can. The threat posed by Islamism will only grow with the Muslim population if nothing is done to address the causes of Islamisation. But something is being done. The West is alive to the threat of creeping Islamism as it never has been before.

Britain is a case in point. Since the brutal wake-up call of 9/11, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in the attitude of the public and its government towards the threat of Islamism and religious dogma in general. The veil debate has confirmed a deep-seated reluctance amongst the British public to allow religious superstition to trump practical necessities, be they in the classroom or in an MP’s constituency office. A raft of assertively secular reforms has been passed in the face of shrill protest from ascetics and right-wingers. Gay couples have been given unprecedented rights and the 2006 Equality Act will consolidate these gains.

The picture of cultural masochism painted by Frances Fukuyama in this month’s Prospect magazine isn’t an accurate portrayal of Britain either. He argues that European multiculturalism has been too respectful of cultural differences that are inimical to progressive values:

The civilisation of the European Enlightenment, of which contemporary liberal democracy is the heir, cannot be culturally neutral since liberal societies have their own values regarding the equal worth of individuals. Cultures that do not accept these premises do not deserve equal protection in a liberal democracy.

Whilst Fukuyama’s analysis might have been true of the UK ten or twenty years ago, it can no longer be said that tolerance of different cultures in Britain encompasses acquiescence to homophobia, sexism, or any other form of discrimination.

It would be disastrous if, despite evidence to the contrary, the demographic time-bomb thesis was accepted. The policy implications that follow, including caps on Muslim immigration, are grossly indecent. To compromise with the far right is to lose the battle with militant Islamism. Our enemy is, after all, one and the same.

Justin M


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It passes belief that after seeing the disaster that liberalism and non-discrimination have led us to people do not refuse to be led further down this path by the new legislation on homosexuals. Surely the great merit of Moslems and Hindus and Jews is their conservative sexual morality. In this Moslems are better Christians tahn we are. Surely we should stand up for tradition against political correctitude

Comment by paul

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