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Sarkozy vs. Royal
February 15, 2007, 12:45 am
Filed under: French Politics

The French are having their presidential elections this year (I believe in May). There are a few characters vying for the number one position, and hopefully this blog will have some interesting commentary on the election as it approaches. Sometimes it’s even hard to keep track of all the individuals running for the elections.

For the moment, the two frontrunners are Segolene Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy. In a poll released today in Lefigaro, Sarkozy would win in the second round if the vote happened now. I’m not sure what purpose these kinds of polls serve at this point except as a way of stimulating conversation about the main candidates. So many times these two “frontrunner” positions change in the months leading up to an election that I wonder if their main purpose is not to push out the idea of other candidates having a genuine shot at winning.

For those that are completely in the dark about France, Royal is on the Left, and Sarkozy is on the right. Marie–George Buffet is to the far left of Royal (and she’s not the only one) and Jean–Marie Le Pen is on the far right of Sarkozy (and he’s not the only one either).

I’m looking forward to these elections mainly because I think that some of the debates shall be very interesting to watch. Not only between the main candidates, but also in their wake by other people. Also, there are more than a few issues where the Left and the Right have switched sides, and in some instances govern the same territory. This is not only the case in France. Looking into some of these debates could provide a harbinger of things to come elsewhere too.



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