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Je ne suis pas raciste, mais…
February 16, 2007, 7:19 pm
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Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the fascist French ‘Front National’ party, has had a novel idea for attracting votes. Well, novel for a French fascist, anyhow.

In this year’s Presidential election, he will be crafting the FN’s message to appeal to non-white voters; even to those who may not have been born in France.

 “I invite you to join us! As long as you respect our customs and our laws; as long as you only try to get ahead in this country by working, we are prepared… to add you to the melting pot of the nation and of the republic, with the same rights but also the same responsibilities

The usual inferences contained within this unusual quote aren’t all that difficult to elicit. And in case you think I have wilfully mistranslated the rather sinister metaphor describing the way in which naturalised immigrants will be ‘added…to the melting pot’, I should say that the phrase used by Le Pen was ‘fondre dans le creuset‘. It can also mean, keeping with the sinister culinary theme, ‘to blend’. Either way, the sentence is constructed in such a way as to make it very clear that the people in question are not so much ‘assimilating’ as ‘being assimilated’.

I suppose that in this age of triangulation every successful political party must eventually decide to bend its principles a little in order to make itself more electable. Quite how Le Pen will be able to articulate his new message to maghrebins and seasoned racists alike remains to be seen. It will certainly make for interesting public meetings.

According to one of Monsieur Le Pen’s advisors, the riots in les banlieues persuaded the leader of the Front National that this could be a vote-winning ruse. ‘He was struck by a news report in which young maghrebins complained about “voyous” (thugs) and claimed that they would “vote Le Pen” (on the basis that thugs know how to deal with thugs, this is probably sound enough logic). The party has also found a few useful immigrants to lend their support, including Cameroonian born singer Patrice Nouma. He recently brought out a record, subtly entitled ‘If you don’t like France, leave France’.  

More interesting though is the deliciously ironic idea that some of the very people routinely portrayed by Le Pen as being an ‘unrepublican’ fifth column may well heed the call to vote for him, but simply as a vote revolutionnaire designed to ‘fuck the system’. ‘Rost’, a French rappeur has gone on the record to say that ‘if the second round is between Sarkozy and Le Pen…I’m voting Le Pen’. The sleep of reason brings forth monsters. Fascism tends to do rather well in an atmosphere of national crisis, and one only needs to look back onFrance’s relatively recent past to see this principle in action.

Michael P


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I wasn’t aware of this double emmerdement that you refer to in the last paragraph. Incredible.

Comment by J.S.

[…] second round would be a volatile and potentially shocking affair. Support for Le Pen over Sarkozy, from unlikely quarters, has already been expressed on these pages. How many socialists would peg their noses to vote for […]

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the singer mentioned is indeed a voyou of note and is involved in fraudulent dealings

Comment by florence

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