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Doth thou dare speaketh me in familiar tongue?
May 22, 2007, 11:02 pm
Filed under: Education, Rhetoric

I have no idea if the title of this post made sense at any moment in the history of the english language. And yet, this question is still vitally important in France. In brief, the article states that the current minister of education in France wants to reassert the “vous” between the students and teachers in France. Personally, this strikes me as attacking the symptoms of some of the problems in France and not some of the causes. On the other hand, it may be demonstrating a will for change on a deeper level than has existed for awhile. Still, the fact that some professors are referred to by their first name and others by their title doesn’t necessarily translate to respect in English either. I can’t help but add that one can still say “Vous êtes un vrai connard” tout en respectant le vouvoiement.



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I was amused recently to learn the traditional French retort to overfamiliar tutoiement: ‘Excuse me…since when did we look after the pigs together?’. Ouch.

Comment by Michael P

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