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China – the long road
May 27, 2007, 11:01 pm
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Pretty darned interesting article here at City Journal by a Frenchman named Guy Sorman. He also has a piece on Nicolas Sarkozy here. Essentially he argues that the rise of China as a 21st century economic power is far from certain. He also believes that far too many of the peasants have been left out of the economic growth that has already happened. In some ways, it sort of feels like the House of Saud but on a much larger scale. Reading the piece I could easily wish for more sources to verify some of the story but at the same time it is China and freedom of information is still hard to come by. The ethics in having the Olympics in China in 2008 could be put into question too. I did not know, for example, that 3,000 odd people died in the protests in 1989. Has China really made amends for that? There’s this unbelievable story as well:

In 2005, a family-planning squad targeted the city of Linyi and its surrounding rural area, in the Shandong Province, because the population had far exceeded the Party’s child quota. The agents kidnapped 17,000 women, forcing abortions on those who were pregnant—in some cases, immersing seven- to eight-month-old fetuses in boiling water—and sterilizing those who weren’t. The agents tortured the Linyi men until they revealed the hiding places of their daughters and wives.

Sarmon claims that this was admitted to by Beijing and made known in the press. Well, if it was mentioned then it was but a blip on the screen.

If nothing else, the piece is a stark reminder of how far much of the West has come in its historical journey in relation to a place like China. Unions, human rights, even the idea of real estate, are all distant notions in large parts of China.



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