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What are the five elements of culture?
June 20, 2007, 11:48 pm
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The title of this entry was a question on an exam I saw today. I think what frustrates me most about this kind of question is that unless one had studied with this individual teacher, there would be no real way of knowing what the teacher was looking for. In other words, if I had written as a question “What is a specific way in which culture affects your life?” then anyone from here to the Yukon could answer it. In writing this, however, I realise that that is not what most frustrates me about this kind of question. What is most irritating is the arrogance of the question and the search for validity in a kind of specifity which I feel is well–nigh impossible. Someone has felt that they can not only distill something as broad and elaborate as culture to five elements but that they are so confident of this that they will test others on their criteria. It’s the the in the question more than anything else which is misleading.



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Comment by MILEYFAN

Yes. It shows a desperate lack of imagination and is very reductive. I have an exam tomorrow and I think this question might come up. Luckily we have a slide that lists this particular five but in another subject last year we were asked to discuss “The SEVEN elements of culture”. Its just from a different textbook. What they should do if they have any academic rigour is describe them for example as “Cateora’s Five Elements..” or “Hill’s Seven Elements” but even then it’s a memory test.

Comment by Michael Nicell

Way of life. Is d best

Comment by Monday john darius

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