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The right to self–defence
August 9, 2007, 4:09 pm
Filed under: Crime

This is an unbelievable story from the ever reliable Daily Mail. It describes how a man has been arrested in regards to the death of a burglar who fell from his house. If a man breaks into my house, do I really want to be worrying about what the magistrate might charge me with after the fact? Surely if we can’t defend the idea of survival within one’s domain, where can we? What I find upsetting in this case is that the man was arrested. I can understand the need for an investigation, but to be arrested? But as always, I’m willing and eager to hear the other side on this, if there is one.



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From the look of it they’ve arrested him because there’s the possibility he deliberately shoved him out the window. Once they’ve established either a) he simply fell, or b) if the guy did push him it was in self-defence, they’ll probably let him go.

Comment by Matt M

If the man who fell was on the premises uninvited, then the homeowner should not be arrested, even if he did push him out the window. If more victims fought back, they might actually deter some people from committing crimes.

Comment by renaissanceguy

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