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Joe Jackson on Smoking
June 11, 2008, 2:19 am
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Don’t know who Joe Jackson is, but I like what he says. It’s amazing how fast, rapid and expansive the shift in “common sense” on smoking has become. Considering man has always lived with one vice or another, I can’t help but wonder what’ll take the place of smoking in the decades to come (unless there’s some sort of closet resistance to smoke).


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Things I learned from Joe Jackson and his website:
Its reassuring to know that those who smoke up the air others breathe believe in freedom of choice.
Its ok for presidents to use phony WMD claims to start a war but its not ok for surgeon generals to say anything that may discourage people from smoking or encourage them to use smoking cessation products, and those who do so have gotta be doing it for the money they can get and no other reason. After all, the smoking cessation product industry is such a large, money making giant that it makes the tobacco industry seem like a non-profit organization dedicated to the well being of everyone.
Its ok to smoke up the air others breathe but its not ok to play the guitar while Joe Jackson is playing the piano.
The smoke from my mother’s cigarettes I was brought with was such a pleasure that I used to hang my head out the car window to try to avoid it. How could I be so unappreciative?

Comment by Henry Schwartzman

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